How can I sign up as a model?

Become a Model

In order to register as a model and become member of our community, please use the following link:

User accounts can not be upgraded to model accounts.

Who can be a webcam model on Stripchat?

We accept 18+ years old females, males, couples, and transgenders. Everyone's welcome!

Does this cost money?

Membership is FREE, whether you are a model or a viewer.

What does it mean to be a webcam model on Stripchat?

Webcam modeling on Stripchat means chatting in a webcam chat with users and earning money. You can check our live chats and see how other models work at:

Do I have to follow a schedule?

You can work whenever you want! You are your own boss! No schedules, no minimum hours. It's a good idea to have a schedule so your fans know when to come back to your room. You can also tell your followers to click "Notify when online" so they get push notifications and emails when you're about to broadcast.

How can I know that my account is secured?

We take online security very seriously, so we implemented two-factor authentication (known as 2FA) to give your account an extra layer of protection in case your password is ever compromised. We highly recommend you enable this feature. Thus, every time Stripchat notices a suspicious login attempt, will automatically prompt for a 2FA code to ensure that it’s really you who is logging in.

To learn more about how to set it up, please refer to our FAQ article:

Be confident that with us your account safety always comes first and something you won’t have to worry about.

How can I earn money on Stripchat?

There are several ways to earn money:

User tipping

1. Get tips for your shows

Members are allowed to send tokens in the form of tips during public shows. They tip models as a sign of appreciation for them sharing their shows and answering requests. Users are not required to tip models. It's optional.

Invitation for Private

2. Earn from Private Shows

A Private Show costs 24 tokens ($1.2) per minute by default. However, this price can be changed at (from 16 to 120 tokens per minute). A viewer can request a Private Show from any model, but it is up to the models to decide who they will go on a Private with. In the Private Show, the model performs a special show for ONLY ONE viewer, although there can be spies. The Private Show can be ended at any time by any of the two parties, or automatically when the viewer runs out of tokens.

3. Earn from spying members

All models have the possibility to earn from spying members in Private Shows. This function allows other members to spy on a Private Show by paying a default price of 8 tokens ($0.4) for a minute of spying. This price can be changed at Spying members are not allowed to write comments or make demands. They can watch as long as they have tokens available. Once they run out of tokens, they will not be able to watch until they buy more. Models who allow spying are listed on one of the pages in the top menu: Each spying member pays less, but you can have several members spying at the same time.

Invitation for Cam2Cam

4. Earn from Cam2Cam Shows

Cam2Cam is a one-on-one cam show, where a model and a member can see each other. It costs 32 tokens ($1.6) per minute by default. However, this price can be changed at 32 up to 120 tokens per minute). Any viewer with tokens can request a Cam2Cam Show from a model, but it is up to the model to decide who they will go on a Cam2Cam Show with. Cam2Cam has proven to be an excellent choice for both new and experienced models, because of its individual approach and earning potential.

5. Earn from Group Shows and Ticket Shows

Group Shows are like Private Shows, but an unlimited number of people can join. You decide the price that users pay per minute, and once set, you can announce the start of your Group Show right away or in 10 minutes. Users can either reserve a spot before the show starts of join once it has already begun. On the other hand, Ticket Shows are like Group Shows but with a fixed price instead of per-minute rate. You set the price and announce the Ticket Show 5 minutes before. Then users will book their spot with their tips in your room. If you set a price of 100 tokens, for example, users that send you up to that amount of tokens with their tips (be it split or in a single tip) will already have their place for the show.

6. Earn from your Fan Club

Fan Club is a subscription service that you can enable anytime to get passive income on a monthly basis from your loyal fans. There are 3 different subscription tiers available and the user benefits to include in each is 100% up to you. Depending on which one they sign up to, they will have a different distinctive badge in your room, and you will get a different quantity of tokens per month. Learn more about Fan Clubs.

7. Earn from your Referral Program

This is a unique opportunity for models to bring in their friends and acquaintances to Stripchat and make cash in the process. If they register using your referral link, they will become your referred users. Then, each time one of these referred users spend tokens on you, an extra 20% will be added up to their token payments – except for anonymous tips. It's only available for new users that were not registered on Stripchat before.

8. You can earn money by winning bonus cash

Bonus cash

All models have the chance to win bonus cash every 3 hours! Up to 8 times a day you can win for having the largest amount of tokens earned. You can check actual details of the contest here ( There is also a monthly contests with much higher awards of up to $20,000.

9. Sell your content

Paid Album Feature

Earn more money and generate passive income by creating photo and video albums and selling them to your viewers. Whether you're online or offline, users can buy your albums - this is an extra way to make more cash. You can charge anywhere from 1 token to 499 tokens for each album. Create as many albums as you want with different names and price them as you wish!

Is there any way to rank higher on Stripchat?

We have an exclusive system that backs models’ ranking on our site named StripScore. Your StripScore is determined on various parameters that are all show and profile related. You can improve your StripScore to rank higher on the model list and hence get more traffic in your room. For a more detailed description of what StripScore is and how it works, refer to our StripScore wiki page.

How can I improve my StripScore?

Apart from having a complete profile (check our StripScore page for further details), the main factor that takes part in boosting your StripScore is your revenue per hour. We have prepared the article Guide to improving your StripScore, where we tell you tricks about how to increase your revenue and thus improve your StripScore.

Can I use Skype or other 3rd Party Software to communicate with Members?

No. Taking users off the site and inviting them elsewhere is strictly prohibited. These kind of agreements are extremely risky and we DO NOT take any responsibility for any actions that happen out our site. Models engaged in this kind of behavior will be banned from the site immediately and without warning. The reason of the prohibition is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of users.

Can I make an arrangement with a member to be paid in anything other than tokens?

No. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any payment form other than tokens. We DO NOT take any responsibility for any payments such as Western Union, PayPal or any other form of payment. Models requesting these kind of payments or engaged in this kind of behavior will be banned from the site immediately and without warning. The reason of the prohibition is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of users.

How can I protect myself from unwanted recordings?

We recommend that all models register with DMCA for their own protection.